Does LeBron James Own His Tattoos?

By Justin Moore Tattoos in sports video games are facing legal challenges Video game market estimated to generate $138 billion in 2018 A company that acquires and licenses tattoo designs has filed suit against the makers of the popular video game series by Take-Two Interactive (TTWO +1.44%) NBA 2K, for including a digital re-creation of

Prison is the New Siri and Alexa

By Justin Moore In 2016, it’s estimated that privately-held prison technology firms made $1.2B off phone systems alone Artificial Intelligence used to store and analyze voices is subject to racial disparities Prisons across the United States, in an attempt to bolster security and crack down on fraud, are quietly compiling the “voice prints” of prisoners.

HBCUs Could Face Another Economic Hit Due To The Pandemic

By Justin Moore Cash strapped HBCUs face the challenge of campuses with no students   HBCUs generate $14.8B in economic impact annually Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) have proved over time to deliver a big economic bang with traditionally less money than their Predominantly White Institution (PWI) counterparts. Although enrollment into HBCUs has been