State Diversity Impacting Purchasing Power

By Lyric Prince Black people in California and West Virginia amount to 7% and 3.5% respectively The changing demographics of the U.S. are directly affected by the increasing amount of minorities and their subsequent purchasing power WalletHub, an AI-driven personal finance site has launched a ranking tool that rivals the U.S. Census Bureau and found

Back To Black: Why Students Need HBCUs To Fend Off Cyborg Universities

By Lyric Prince HCBUs place Black graduates in job opportunities at higher rates than PWIs Cyborg universities promote partnership between Silicon Valley and Ivy League schools A New York University professor predicted that Silicon Valley would make efforts to connect with top-tier schools, creating so-called “cyborg universities.” Pairings such as MIT and Google (GOOG +0.67%)

Stay Woke: Facebook CEO’s Performative Philanthropy Issues With The Black Community

By Lyric Prince Facebook’s CEO’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is under scrutiny as employees and associates claim racial bias in funding Black-led initiatives A common problem in philanthropy, Black-led initiatives receive less funding than white ones As technical firms experience an unprecedented amount of scrutiny over racial relations within its for-profit ranks, charitable organizations such as

Pinterest’s Newest D&I Chief May Be All Tyi’d Up From Actually Doing Her Job

By Lyric Prince Tyi McCray is Pinterest’s new global head of inclusion and diversity amid intense scrutiny Pinterest’s 4% Black workforce is mostly concentrated in support roles Image sharing and social media service Pinterest has hired Tyi McCray to be the global head of diversity and inclusion (D&I), amid intense scrutiny over allegations of racism