Bentley’s Hip Hop Truck Is Now “Affordable”

CBx Vibe:Ride Slow” Russ

By CultureBanx Team

  • The Bentley Bentayga will sell for $158K
  • More than 200 rap lyrics have mentioned Bentley’s SUV

Bentley could be your hot boy or hot girl truck of the summer. The luxury auto-maker that’s highly coveted by rappers and entertainers alike now comes with a “affordable” price tag of $158,000. So where does this leave the future of the U.S auto market?

Why This Matters: The eco-conscious, image-conscious SUV is the least expensive car of the Bentley portfolio with its holier-than-thou “hybrid” badge. Prior to the announcement of its first Bentayga SUV back in 2016, Future and Rick Ross were some of the most vocal advocates for the automaker to manufacture the truck. Rappers have handsomely rewarded Bentley for delivering the Bentayga by producing ample free marketing including more than 200 rap lyrics mentioning the vehicle and posting countless pictures on social media.

In 2016, Future and Rick Ross were some of the most vocal advocates for the automaker to manufacture the truck

Bentley, which is owned by Volkswagen (VOW.DE +0.32%) sells around 10,000 luxury vehicles globally each year, a relatively small number compared to the overall auto-market. Today, crossovers and sport-utility vehicles make up more than 47% of the new-vehicle market. While sales of sedans and hatchbacks have plunged this decade to only 30% of the market, down from about 50% during the same period in 2012, according to Kelley Blue Book. This trend is leading some automakers to move away from producing sedans and is why Bentley wants a larger share of the SUV market. Competitors like Rolls Royce (RR.L +0.05 %) and Lamborghini have each released their own SUV’s, with the latter selling out of its first two years of production. Other luxury automakers like Aston Martin and Ferrari have plans for truck in the works as well.

What’s Next: This is the first step on a path that will have Bentley offering a fully electric vehicle for sale by 2023. Morgan Stanley predicted in 2017 that as many as one- billion electric vehicles could be on the road worldwide by 2050.

CBx Vibe:Ride Slow” Russ

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