Changing the Game: Marilyn’s Secret Privatizes Public Social Media

CBx Vibe:I’m Every Woman” Chaka Khan

By CultureBanx Team

In a world where the toxic nature of social media has taken over many  folks personal lives, Marilyn’s Secret seeks to empower women through its anonymous social network. Found Patrice Drayton wants to give users the option to keep their identities private, while creating a supportive community and weeding out trolls. “On traditional social media platforms people aren’t able to express their true identity due to shame, judgement and backlash,” said Drayton. The idea is to give women a chance to let down their guard, away from networks like Facebook and Instagram, where users present only their best sides. Drayton notes she has “a vietnamese friend who is unable to post pictures of her bi-racial child for fear her family might find out” on traditional social media sites. In order to enhance engagement for women the platform provides an escape to empower and encourage women to live of their virtual lives in the real world.

CBx Vibe:I’m Every Woman” Chaka Khan


CultureBanx Team

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