Changing the Game: Stina & Mae Puts Lux and Diapers in the Bag

CBx Vibe: Smooth Operator” Sade

Stina & Mae is bringing meaning and beauty to items essential to parenting. Founder and Creative Director Mishell Ekunsirinde was a busy fashion critic when it clicked that carrying a purse along with a bag for her newborn was too much work. Her designs are “transitional bags” for mothers. They have the functionality of a diaper bag with the style of a purse. Ekunsirinde has been hyper-focused on serving moms. “How can we help moms live their best life with the other items they use for parenting,” Ekunsirinde said. Stina & Mae is also doing a lot of good by donating two percent of revenue to address food insecurity among children. The company just soft-launched its next line of products and is part of a burgeoning group of ecommerce businesses which produce their items in the U.S. In addition to all of this, the company has targets of eventually eliminating waste and providing a living wage across the company’s supply chain.

CBx Vibe: Smooth Operator” Sade


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