The Next Hot Pot Stocks in 2019

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  • Several U.S. cannabis and pot adjacent companies are expected to IPO in 2019
  • The hemp market could top $20B by 2022

With the reality of recreational marijuana in Canada already set in stone, the next round of initial public offerings in the cannabis sector will likely come from U.S. based companies looking to raise cash. In 2019, we’re likely to see a plethora of cannabis companies and pot-adjacent technology businesses, that don’t actually handle marijuana take up the mantle of being publicly traded.

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Why This Matters: Hemp Industry Daily projects the hemp-derived CBD retail market will reach between $2.5 billion and $3.1 billion by 2022. Some of the companies likely to go public this year include Pax Labs, a cannabis-focused vaporizer company that’s raised $20 million from investors could join the NYSE. Also, marijuana data companies like New Frontier Data and Headset, that do not directly handle the products but provide market intelligence on the industry could join either the NASDAQ or NYSE.

In December the House of Representatives approved a $867 billion farm bill which legalizes hemp, a cousin of cannabis with lower THC levels than marijuana. Following the recent passage of the farm bill, several hemp-focused companies are likely to list in the U.S., and Brightfield Group forecasts the market could top $20 billion by 2022.

Brightfield Group forecasts the hemp market could top $20 billion by 2022

While federal law prohibits the use of marijuana, its medical usage is allowed in more than 30 states and D.C. The legalization of hemp cultivation could boost investor interest across the sector.

“It will also become an agricultural commodity, which in turn will allow crop insurance and Wall Street will be able to invest institutional funds into the hemp industry,” said Chris Boucher, CEO of Farmtiva to CNBC.

Situational Awareness: Hemp legalization is just one element of the wide-ranging farm bill. The legislation also covers farm subsidies and food stamps as well as trade along with rural development policy.

CBx Vibe:Wake Up in the Sky” Gucci Mane Feat. Bruno Mars


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