Yelp’s 7,000% Search Increase Helps Black Businesses Level Up

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By Justice Allen

  • Black-owned businesses experienced a 7,043% increase in Yelp searches from
  • COVID-19 forced 41% of black businesses to close or temporarily close between February and April

After being hit hard by the impacts of COVID-19, Black businesses across the country are finally getting the love they deserve. Yelp (YELP -1.75%) recently stated in its Economic Average report that between May 25th and July 10th, there were over 2,500,000 searches for Black owned businesses. What’s even more interesting is the types of business that saw drastic increases: restaurants had a 2,508% spike, Black bookstores saw a 1,437% increase, and Black boutiques had a 331% increase. Major shout outs are due to Black doctors as well, who also saw significant search increases. Although these figures speak to a moment in time, they represent an uplifting example of how consumers can engage with and support Black businesses.

Why This Matters: The protests had a real, tangible impact – period. Oftentimes social media users are criticized for “just” liking, sharing, or commenting on a post, rather than engaging in traditional forms of protest. But it was this social media savvy and awareness that presented an opportunity for Black businesses to bounce back from the effects of COVID-19. Social media users urged each other to educate themselves and support Black businesses, as the first of many steps in fighting systemic and racial oppression. And now, it’s working.  

Black bookstores saw a 1,437% increase, and Black boutiques had a 331% increase

Black buyers and allied communities now have a framework for how to support Black businesses, and it’s worked like a charm over the last few months. Let’s remain hopeful that next year this time, the search for Black businesses will continue to be on the rise.

Situational Awareness: The funny thing is, Yelp hasn’t necessarily been a friend to Black businesses, with highly rated businesses in Black neighborhoods experiencing much slower revenue growth. But anything can change right?

CBx Vibe:Who Gon Stop Me” by Jay-Z & Kanye West


Justice Allen

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