Changing the Game: ShearShare Builds for the Hairstylist of the Future

ShearShare is building an on-demand ecosystem for the independent hairstylist. Founders Tye and Courtney Caldwell launched the startup after getting overwhelmed helping stylists book seats in different salons across the country. Unable to find an app they could recommend to their clients the couple built a platform where stylists could book seats at salons in real time. “We believe that the future of beauty is owned by the independent stylist,” said ShearShare COO Courtney Caldwell. The startup has plans to offer services that encompass the entire stylist lifecycle. Currently, they are working on making it easier for stylists to manage taxes and buy homes. They have a partnership with another startup which provides pay stubs, free tax withholding, among other services. ShearShare is betting on technology, specifically artificial intelligence to optimize pricing for an event like Essence Fest when salons will be in high demand.

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