Changing the Game: Curafied is Your Personal Pinterest for Content

CBx Vibe:Rebel” G-Eazy

By CultureBanx Team

When Arielle Jordan wanted a better connection to content she was interested in and couldn’t find it on platforms like Facebook, Curafied was born. It’s a digital media platform helping individuals build their own online communities and profits through content curation. Users are able to store, share and save web links along with videos, all while chatting with like minded people in real time. “Curafied has the content curation power of Pinterest and a live chat like Twitch,” said Jordan. Content curators on the platform create different galleries, and then other users can subscribe to it for $2.99 per month. So if you have worthwhile content and the vision to monetize all of that, Curafied is the platform for you. “When you’re connected with an expert whose content you enjoy, Curafied lets you weed out the noise of ads and other distractions.” The platform can be a home for expert instruction in anything from arts and crafts, to auto maintenance or even martial arts and history.

CBx Vibe:Rebel” G-Eazy


CultureBanx Team

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