Changing the Game: Drop Plans for a Future Without iPhones

CBx Vibe: We Find Love” Daniel Caesar

Drop is building the technology we’ll use once the iPhone goes away like the desktop computer. Through Drop’s web browser for virtual reality (VR), users are able to open email, watch NBA videos, and read the New York Times.  They won’t have to toggle between multiple tabs like we currently do on our laptops and phones. Users can spread the various windows they have open around their room for simultaneous viewing. Drop’s web browser is the first step in the startup’s product roadmap. “Our thesis is that the browser has always been the gateway to information discovery,” said Russell Ladson, CEO of Drop. Ladson believes we are on the cusp of VR hitting the mainstream. Overlays in Snapchat and Instagram, and emoji selfies on Samsung phones are examples of technology moving us closer to a VR world. “It’s no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when.” The company has big ambitions for the role it will play in the industry and is backed by HTC (2498:TT +4.59%). Over the next several years Drop wants to become the Microsoft (MSFT +1.11%) of the industry, where the entire VR ecosystem operates on its technology.

CBx Vibe: We Find Love” Daniel Caesar


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