Changing the Game: DarcMatter Sheds Light on Alternative Investments

By CultureBanx Team

A lot of the alternative investment industry lacks transparency and many tasks still require manual attention, so Natasha Bansgopaul co-founder of DarcMatter created a platform to change that. The company’s alternative investment marketplace is used to connect fund managers actively raising capital to investors globally, all while allowing them to access, execute documents and invest in alternative fund products. Typically, many of these tasks require the participation of numerous intermediaries that provide compliance, security, and transparency. “We are using fintech solutions to reclaim a lot of the traditional backend processes,” Bansgopaul said. They work within the accredited investor universe that tends to look for more structured opportunities, “specifically private illiquid funds that have at least 2-3 years of performance history.” With one of the most diverse fintech management teams, DarcMatter had $240 million in investment interest indicated on the platform for 2017 and they are on track to double that for 2018.

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Changing the Game: Color Farm Media Brings Blockchain to Diverse Content

By CultureBanx Team

Color Farm Ben & Erika.png

Erika Alexander and Ben Arnon are pushing the boundaries of content with their media and venture company Color Farm. They’re bringing diversity to the screen as the new Motown of film, TV, media and tech. In addition to what you see on screen they are also tapping into news with The Blackness, which is built on Civil’s blockchain platform. The two media mavens will be publishing long-form multimedia stories that focus on underrepresented communities of color and marginalized groups. “We’re both creators and if you’re of a certain age a lot of media has been carried through the white male perspective, this is a dismantling of that infrastructure,” said Alexander a well known actress for her role on Living Single and movies like Get Out. Using a decentralized platform like Civil for The Blackness will help protect their stories from any outside interference. “We’re building out an ecosystem to bring various opportunities to underrepresented groups of has to be a part of the media system,” said Arnon. Color Farm is cultivating and nurturing talent of diverse backgrounds, next up they will produce a documentary about John Lewis and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

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Changing the Game: Rebecca Allen Shoes Answers the Brand Identity Call

By CultureBanx Team

Rebecca Allen Shoes.png

Founder Rebecca Allen desperately needed a shoe in her closet that could go with everything and was never able to find a pair in traditional stores. So she decided to launch her own footwear company creating nude shoes for all skin tones. “As a consumer I felt emotionally charged that brands were overlooking me as a customer,” Allen said. Coming from an investment banking background Allen decided to start with a pump that could easily be used for going to work and then hanging out afterwards. Her shade inclusive brand of shoes comes in a variety of styles at an affordable price point in the mid $200s. The footwear company’s direct-to-consumer model allows shoppers to easily connect with the brand in a way that transcends race and ethnicity.  This is one of the main focuses of the company as they work to “answer the call from a brand identity standpoint and making women feel like the leading ladies they should feel like.” All women can now find themselves in fashion with Allen’s nude shoes.

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Changing the Game: Cards for All People Deals Out Cultural Humor

By CultureBanx Team

Black Card Revoked.jpg

In effort to fill a cultural void in the card game market, Latesha Williams founded Cards For All People. It’s a cultural laid back gaming company that humorously celebrates the diverse subcultures of America. The company’s first game, Black Card Revoked debuted as America’s first black culture trivia game show on BET last year. Williams credits social media with helping her figure out what people really think is funny, “black Twitter can be an amazing place and I understood from a people’s perspective that culture is a connector,” she said. This sector is ripe for diversity disruption with revenue in the Card Games segment expected to reach $511 million in 2019, according to Statista. Since her original card game dives into different levels of the black experience, she wanted to offer that same concept to other communities with Cards for All People. “if you ever wanted to play a game that knows all the cultural nostalgia, inside jokes and social media chatter and debate then you need us in your life". The games are available at Target and on Amazon.

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Changing the Game: Eleven Digital’s One Stop Shop For Branded Content

By CultureBanx Team

Eleven Digital.png

Eleven Digital founder Elkanah Reed set out to shake up advertising operations and he’s done just that with his one stop shop for branded content. His marketplace brings together publishers and advertisers for more unique branded content opportunities. “We are the Double-Click (audience for display) for branded entertainment in terms of aggregating all the relationships one would need for buying branded content,” said Reed. Right now we live in the age of uninterrupted entertainment however, advertisers still want to to get in front of viewers. Brands are projected to spend on more than $550 billion on advertising this year. Eleven Digital’s process is simple and can easily break off a huge piece of this market, once a publisher uploads their branded content to the platform, advertisers can go in and buy a branded audience. “Once you digitize the opportunity for branded content it’s easier for both parties.” The company allows advertisers to directly engage an audience with branded content instead of interrupting them with ads.

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