Changing the Game: Super Heroic’s Play For Kids to Become Their Exemplar Self


By CultureBanx Team

Super Heroic has arrived to save the day, for the fundamental priority of children’s desire to play. Launched in November 2017 out of Silicon Valley, it’s the brainchild of former Nike (NKE -0.28%) global design director Jason Mayden, who’s designed sneakers for the iconic Jordan Brand. The vital foundations of Super Heroic are rooted in confidence, “every single project that I touched in my professional career has always been geared towards creativity, imagination and amplification of play,” Mayden said. Its unique goal is to convince every kid putting on a pair of their shoes that they really are a superhero, capable of solving problems and saving the world. A 2016 study from the University of Pennsylvania found that kids in costume tend to work harder and persevere more. Perhaps the best part of Super Heroic shoes is that they come with what Mayden calls a “utility cape,” which is a drawstring backpack that includes a cape emblazoned with the company’s lightning bolt logo. Now when it comes to the role technology has on kids being active Mayden said it should be re-framed around the play dynamic. “It should bring to life the things children see in their minds, and make it something that’s immersive, scalable and shareable.” Super Heroic’s newest gender neutral shoe the “Galactix” is out now!

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Changing the Game: Hello Tractor Fixes Agriculture's Information Problem


By CultureBanx Team

From Nigeria to Zimbabwe to Kenya, Hello Tractor is bringing a cool factor to agriculture across Africa. Founder and CEO Jehiel Oliver worked as a microfinance consultant for several years and noticed they were not loaning to agriculture businesses. Hello Tractor emerged from this observation. The company sells a fleet management solution to tractor owners. This technology enables owners to manage their tractor and lease it to other farmers who need one. The company collects a lot of information for the agricultural supply chain. “I want Hello Tractor to be a repository of information for broken industries. The most important de-risking factor in markets is information and Hello Tractor will be successful if we solve for that,” said Oliver. Hello Tractor’s expansion continues as the startup is now preparing to launch an operation in Bangladesh.

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Changing the Game: Brewing the Perfect Mix of Art and Science


By CultureBanx Team

From biotech to rugby and now beer, the Brazo Fuerte brewery is taking the craft beer market by storm. Founder Beverly Armstrong started the business two years ago after leaving her biotech career. She is one of two black women brewery owners in the country. Brazo Fuerte produces session beers (full-flavored, lower-alcohol beers), which she grew to love while playing international rugby. “You want to be social for several hours. I wanted to have something that actually tasted good, that was still an approachable moderate level of alcohol,” said Armstrong. She is a now a certified cicerone, which is the equivalent of a sommelier and has captured the attention of large brewers like Samuel Adams beer. Brazo Fuerte is now teaming up with The Boston Beer Company (SAM +0.24%), the brewer behind Samuel Adams beers, to release a limited-edition beer later this year.

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Changing the Game: Tackling Concussions With Your iPhone

By CultureBanx Team

PupilScreen is trying to help coaches and parents easily detect concussions on the sidelines. The app is the brainchild of Dr. Tony Law and his colleagues at the University of Washington. By using a smartphone’s video camera and flash the app is able to assess the eye and measure pupil size changes. This can help objectively determine if a person has a concussion. “We’re able to capture how the eye reacts to light after trauma with 98 percent accuracy” Law said. Currently the app isn’t available to download, however it is being tested by medical professionals as they collect more data to be processed by deep learning algorithms. Dr. Law and his team are also working on the Eigen Voice app which will help to detect if a person has masses on their voice box consistent with cancer by simply using a smartphone attachment.

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