Changing the Game: Curafied is Your Personal Pinterest for Content

By CultureBanx Team


When Arielle Jordan wanted a better connection to content she was interested in and couldn’t find it on platforms like Facebook, Curafied was born. It’s a digital media platform helping individuals build their own online communities and profits through content curation. Users are able to store, share and save web links along with videos, all while chatting with like minded people in real time. “Curafied has the content curation power of Pinterest and a live chat like Twitch,” said Jordan. Content curators on the platform create different galleries, and then other users can subscribe to it for $2.99 per month. So if you have worthwhile content and the vision to monetize all of that, Curafied is the platform for you. “When you’re connected with an expert whose content you enjoy, Curafied lets you weed out the noise of ads and other distractions.” The platform can be a home for expert instruction in anything from arts and crafts, to auto maintenance or even martial arts and history.

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Changing the Game: Integrate Tech Customizes Student Learning Experiences

By CultureBanx Team

Integrate Tech Logo.jpg

When Kevin Celisca was in the fourth grade he started to fall behind, until his teacher offered to tutor him for free. He never wanted another student or teacher to not have the right education tools to succeed so he along with his business partner created Integrate Tech. The EdTech product is designed to help kids with their individual learning style, while minimizing distractions and providing data analytics for educators and administrators. “This changes the way we look at education in the future, impacting all socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels,” Celisca said. The software is dynamic and forms to K-12 schools needs and structures. Integrate’s main data points are attendance, participation, behavior and grades. “It puts all the information about a students education in one place so that teachers can focus on teaching and not management.” Ultimately, the company is trying to create a more intelligent society with everyone having a fair shot at receiving the best education.

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Changing the Game: Marilyn’s Secret Privatizes Public Social Media

By CultureBanx Team

Marilyn's Secret.png

In a world where the toxic nature of social media has taken over many  folks personal lives, Marilyn’s Secret seeks to empower women through its anonymous social network. Found Patrice Drayton wants to give users the option to keep their identities private, while creating a supportive community and weeding out trolls. “On traditional social media platforms people aren’t able to express their true identity due to shame, judgement and backlash,” said Drayton. The idea is to give women a chance to let down their guard, away from networks like Facebook and Instagram, where users present only their best sides. Drayton notes she has “a vietnamese friend who is unable to post pictures of her bi-racial child for fear her family might find out” on traditional social media sites. In order to enhance engagement for women the platform provides an escape to empower and encourage women to live of their virtual lives in the real world.

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Changing the Game: Black & Abroad is the Cultural TripAdvisor

By CultureBanx Team

Black & Abroad.JPG

When Black & Abroad founders Kent Johnson and Eric Martin would look up certain travel destinations they never saw results tailored towards their demographic. This spurred them to launch a cultural collective dedicated to highlighting black exploration three years ago. “We wanted to change that by creating a platform for reviews of people that looked liked us from people of color,” said Martin. Black & Abroad’s product line includes group and private trips, events, activities, merchandise, and tourism consulting.

African Americans have nearly a $48 billion share of the travel market, according to Mandala Research. “From individual travel stories, to focused original content and crowd sourced information, you’ll always see several representations of the black community,” said Johnson. A day in the life on one of their trips consists of submersive experiences, including social outreach, adventure, unique cuisines and of course “a late night turn up is always included.” They work with brands including major airlines like Norwegian (NAS.OL +0.27%) and tourism boards to effectively market to the black community, in ways that will have a meaningful impact. The business is expanding from four trip destinations to eight destinations by 2020, as they look to effectively help patronize black businesses internationally.

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Changing the Game: 7th Floor Raises the Bar for Capsule Clothing Collections

By CultureBanx Team

7th Floor Clothing.png

What started out as a risky venture for 7th Floor Clothing founders Frank Miller and Preston Clark quickly turned into one of Akron’s premiere retail companies. The two men remixed the Cleveland Cavaliers logo on a championship t-shirt, already claiming the team had won before they played in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. “It was a big gamble because the team had never won a championship, said Miller.”

They’ve moved beyond t-shirts to a full scale clothing company. “We create a lot of capsule pieces around current events and they’re all limited items, said Clark.”  LeBron James also gave the company a major assist by wearing their signature "Kiss the Trophy" hat. It depicts a frog with a crown wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey and kissing a championship trophy. In 2016, the company posted revenues of $356,000.

Miller and Clark have also gone mainstream with their e-commerce strategy by partnering with eBay’s “Retail Revival” program. “We’ve entered the UpscaleHype-beast market,” said Miller. The duo is also passing along their retail industry knowledge to the next generation through the 7th Floor Academy. This non-profit helps kids start their own clothing businesses by teaching them first hand tools of the trade.

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