Changing the Game: AreaProbe Reshapes Communities With On-Demand Real Estate Analytics

By CultureBanx Team


When founder Curvin Letham wanted to better understand how communities were reshaped through revitalization he launched AreaProbe. It’s an on-demand real estate analytics company that provides decision research to financial institutions, private equity groups and real estate developers. It wasn’t just Letham who was seeking this information “companies wanted to understand the supply of real estate, along with demographics, income and rent prices,” he said. The platform helps clients understand what people can afford in certain areas along with the landscape of a community. Specifically AreaProbe helps with housing, retail, office space and healthcare facilities. “Based off what you want to build in a given area the AreaProbe decision model will give you an answer on whether or not it’s feasible,” Letham said. The company is getting ready to expand to South America and Europe, while also launching a new financial platform called “AreaProbe Capital” to match borrowers with lenders for commercial real estate deals.

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Changing the Game: Jetpack is the Uber for College Kids Essential Items

By CultureBanx Team

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On campuses nationwide students are in need of on-demand products like lint rollers, Tide pods or even a phone charger, which is where Jetpack comes into play. It’s the brainchild of Fatima Dicko, who is a self proclaimed “forgetful” person and “realized that everyone may forget something and need items last minute, she said.” Currently Jetpack operates on various campuses across the country including Stanford, USC, UCLA and Ohio State. They are all about bringing people the things they need in less than 10 minutes. Even though the company started by giving people backpacks with the most important things, now they’ve opened up to items students have in their own bags. “Sharing works with houses, cars and it can we believe also work for shampoo and batteries,” Dicko said. Jetpack has optimized its platform for the college experience by minimizing effort and increasing the fun level for everyone involved. They plan to branch out to airports, apartment buildings and music festivals next.

Changing the Game: Cooperative Capital Helps Neighbors Invest in Their Communities

By CultureBanx Team

Cooperative Capital-profile.png

Being able to buy properties in your neighborhood is an idea many people have, but may not have a lot of extra cash to make the dream a reality. This is where Kwaku Osei’s Cooperative Capital comes into play, by allowing residents to pool their money together, as little as $1,000 into a real estate fund. They are starting with the Detroit real estate market with plans to launch community based funds that criss cross the country. “This is the right time because there is a lot of growth and more people can benefit from it. All boats can rise if there’s even distribution of ownership and we’re trying to create a bridge for that,” Osei said. It’s a simple process that starts with an investment committee who reviews and rates all opportunities and then the larger group of investors will vote on the top five. Cooperative Capital will determine if the investment can produce at least a six percent annual rate of return. “We want to become skilled at helping communities aggregate capital. Giving residents an equity stake in their own community.” The fund also views this as a way to increase financial literacy and plans to offer an online class called Get Financially Lit that teaches the basics of finance and investing. Right now Cooperative Capital is two and half months away from closing its first fund and raising one million dollars. There are already 20 other cities outside of Detroit ready for this model including Cleveland, Oakland and Baltimore.

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Changing the Game: DarcMatter Sheds Light on Alternative Investments

By CultureBanx Team

A lot of the alternative investment industry lacks transparency and many tasks still require manual attention, so Natasha Bansgopaul co-founder of DarcMatter created a platform to change that. The company’s alternative investment marketplace is used to connect fund managers actively raising capital to investors globally, all while allowing them to access, execute documents and invest in alternative fund products. Typically, many of these tasks require the participation of numerous intermediaries that provide compliance, security, and transparency. “We are using fintech solutions to reclaim a lot of the traditional backend processes,” Bansgopaul said. They work within the accredited investor universe that tends to look for more structured opportunities, “specifically private illiquid funds that have at least 2-3 years of performance history.” With one of the most diverse fintech management teams, DarcMatter had $240 million in investment interest indicated on the platform for 2017 and they are on track to double that for 2018.

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Changing the Game: Color Farm Media Brings Blockchain to Diverse Content

By CultureBanx Team

Color Farm Ben & Erika.png

Erika Alexander and Ben Arnon are pushing the boundaries of content with their media and venture company Color Farm. They’re bringing diversity to the screen as the new Motown of film, TV, media and tech. In addition to what you see on screen they are also tapping into news with The Blackness, which is built on Civil’s blockchain platform. The two media mavens will be publishing long-form multimedia stories that focus on underrepresented communities of color and marginalized groups. “We’re both creators and if you’re of a certain age a lot of media has been carried through the white male perspective, this is a dismantling of that infrastructure,” said Alexander a well known actress for her role on Living Single and movies like Get Out. Using a decentralized platform like Civil for The Blackness will help protect their stories from any outside interference. “We’re building out an ecosystem to bring various opportunities to underrepresented groups of has to be a part of the media system,” said Arnon. Color Farm is cultivating and nurturing talent of diverse backgrounds, next up they will produce a documentary about John Lewis and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

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