The Billion Dollar Upside To HBCUs Receiving History Making Donation

By Lesley Green-Rennis MacKenzie Scott gifted $160M  to 7 HBCUs HBCUs produce almost 20% of African American graduates The third richest woman in the world, MacKenzie Scott, recently donated  $160 million to seven historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). These havens for intellectuals of melanin to congregate in higher learning and self pride actually generate

Why Are Redlined Communities More Vulnerable to Climate Change?

By Lesley Green-Rennis Urban areas produce 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and poor neighborhoods are more vulnerable to climate change Low-income Black communities already have higher rates of many health conditions and take longer to bounce back from natural disasters Government housing policies such as redlining, have had lasting effects, from concentrating poverty, to stifling

HBCU Students Get A Financial Lift With New Alternative Loan Plan

By Lesley Green-Rennis Robert F. Smith’s SFI includes an income contingent financing alternative that allows students to borrow up to $20K per year 86.6% of Black students take out federal loans to attend four-year colleges President-elect Joe Biden plans to cancel a minimum of $10,000 for student borrowers, as this debt crisis has disproportionately impacted