Why Brands Are Tapping Into The $15 Billion Influencer Marketing Industry

As social media becomes more entrenched in people’s lives and takes on a more functional use, the role of influencers is set to only grow. Mega sports influencers like LeBron James can earn more than $300,000 per social media post, which is more than he makes per NBA game. The market is rapidly expanding as influencer types have proliferated, filling every conceivable niche and sub-niche interest, with brands set to spend $15 billion on influencers in 2022.

Here’s How Natural Disasters Worsen Minorities Net Worth

By Tracey Goins
– People of color lose an average of $29K after a natural disaster
– Natural disasters cost the U.S. $145B in 2021 Damages caused by natural disasters and recovery efforts have worsened wealth inequality among different ethnicities in the United States. Nearly 50% of U.S. counties experience a disaster each year, and areas that are particularly disaster prone rapidly diminish wealth in those communities. Natural disasters cost the country $145 billion in 2021, and nowhere are the economic and racial inequities of disaster aid more evident than in areas that have experienced urban flooding. While damaged caused by natural disasters may be indiscriminate, the process of recovery, especially depending on who you are, will not be. Why This Matters: Despite national economic loss, white people living in counties with considerable damage from natural disasters accumulate more wealth than their counterparts living in counties without major natural disaster damage. Reportedly their wealth increases in some cases as much as $126,000. Post disaster outcomes among Blacks, Latinos and Asians, the results went the other direction as their net worth decreased by as much as $29,000.

Are Banks Risking Your Money?

By Tracey Goins Exclusion from the Volcker rule could be good news for black-owned banks New trading rules protect consumers from risky investments Regulators have proposed a new edict that would exclude some community banks from the Volcker rule. Banks with $10 billion or more in combined assets are most impacted by the new rules.

This Is America’s $300 Million Voting System: Flawed To Perfection?

By Tracey Goins Voting machinery brings in $300 million in annual revenue Marginalized communities are most impacted by voter fraud Technology has transformed democracy on many levels. It also exposes vulnerabilities in our political processes, ultimately impacting election results. A particular threat to the voting process is the machinery, polling locations infrastructure, and voter registration