A Reclaiming of History

CBx Vibe: “Black America Again” Common feat. Stevie Wonder

African American art is at a seminal moment in art history. We are seeing the gains of the Obama administration with regard to more museum and gallery exhibits by African American men and women. While at the same time, a reclaiming of history that has been sparked in no small part by  the current administration.  

Stephen Towns: Rumination and a Reckoning at the Baltimore Museum of Art is a must-see exhibit. Town reaches back into the history of quilt making and the incredible women of Gees Bend Alabama who created some of the most important pieces of American Art.  “His quilting practice delves into the perspective of women and people of color and draws on that knowledge to interrogate the institution of slavery in American History,” said Cecilia Wichmann, Curator.  This reclamation of history in this visual way is powerful and speaks to everyone who experiences it.

For more art insights check out Cheryl McGinnis (Curator, Flatiron Prow Art Space, New York)

CBx Vibe: “Black America Again” Common feat. Stevie Wonder

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