Airbnb Becoming a Mainstay in Africa

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By CultureBanx Team

  • Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique are among Airbnb’s 8 fastest growing markets globally
  • African Airbnb hosts have earned over $400 million in income since 2008

Airbnb is booming in several African countries as the company makes the shift from novelty accommodation to a mainstream tourist option. Since launching on the continent, the travel startup has garnered more than 130,000 listings which have seen over 3.5 million guest arrivals. Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique are all among Airbnb’s eight fastest growing markets globally.

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Why This Matters: Airbnb’s growth on the continent is also depicted through the seven countries that all recorded more than a 100% increase in guest arrivals over the past year. South Africa’s Cape Town is Airbnb’s top market but Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique have seen the most increase in guests arrivals of 213%, 141% and 136% respectively.

Nigeria, Ghana and Mozambique have seen the most increase in guests arrivals of 213%, 141% and 136% respectively

Africa is an emerging market for most trends and technologies. Due to economic conditions in several African countries, there’s a growing need for people to have multiple income streams. Airbnb provides an opportunity for people to generate income from that extra seldom used room. In South Africa, 65% of Airbnb hosts are women, one of the highest percentages for any country in the world.

Since Airbnb’s founding in 2008, African hosts have earned over $400 million in income. Specifically hosts in South Africa and Morocco, two of the most popular destinations average more than $1,000 annually. Even though the company operates in the grey area of not being a hotel operator, they have faced some regulation and licensing worries in Namibia and Tanzania.

Situational Awareness: Undoubtedly its been heavily used by tourists, Airbnb has also proven important for Africans traveling within the continent. African passengers typically face challenges traveling across the continent given complex visa processes and expensive flights. Affordable lodging is one less worry for African travelers due to the rise of Airbnb listings. The company is expected to IPO this year.

CBx Vibe:Destiination” Desiigner

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