Beyoncè Is Getting Ready To Take A $500 Million Tour Bow 

By Lesley Green-Rennis

  • The European leg of Beyoncè’s Renaissance tour brought in over $150M alone 
  • Beyonce’s is on track to gross $500M+ from her tour which will become her highest-grossing road show ever

Queen B is beating her own touring record. The Renaissance World Tour continues to sell out arenas across the country, making it the highest-grossing tour by any R&B artist, second only to her own Formation World Tour. Forbes estimated that the tour would sell out of all its dates and have the potential to bring in close to $2 billion in revenue due to soaring ticket prices and outstanding demand to see the singer perform the Renaissance album live. 

Why This Matters: The European leg of the tour brought in over $150 million, playing a significant role in helping the singer break yet another record.  According to Billboard, “In exceeding the gross of her own two previous tours, the Renaissance World Tour resets the record for the highest grossing tour by an R&B artist, or any Black artist in Boxscore history.” Beyonce’s is on track to gross $500M+ from her tour which will become her highest-grossing road show ever.

Dedicated B-High and Club Renaissance tickets sold at a premium, pushing up the average ticket price. In addition to ticket sales, local businesses, particularly those owned by Black women and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, have experienced a surge in sales and heightened interest from consumers, resulting in a “Beyonce bump”.  The economic impact is particularly evident in hotel and restaurant prices which rose by 3.3%

Situational Awareness: Beyonce’s Renaissance tour exemplifies how a single artist can drive economic growth by attracting international audiences, stimulating consumer spending, and energizing local businesses. 

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