Black Electricians Are On The Rise In America’s $369 Billion Energy Revolution 

By Keyanna Harper

  • Black workers make up approximately 9% of all licensed electricians across the country
  • The Inflation Reduction Act has allocated $369B in federal funds towards enhancements to U.S. energy infrastructure, which will require the skills of electricians

Currently, the United States is facing a surge in demand for electricians due to rising employment statistics in the sector recorded by the May job reports. Licensed professionals within this industry are being extremely sought after and receiving record high compensation packages as well. What makes this trend even more noteworthy is that it provides a unique opportunity for Black workers who only make up approximately 9% of all licensed electricians across the country.

Why This Matters: On average, Black electrical specialists annual compensation stands at around $52,400, which may seem like an insignificant amount at first glance. However, with increasing demand comes greater potential for significant earnings growth, an essential lever in closing persistent income gaps across various communities. 

Furthermore, these trends are set against the backdrop of tremendous investments within the energy apparatus. Under the special federal stimulation package known as ‘The Inflation Reduction Act’ which has allocated around $369 billion to boost U.S. energy infrastructure ventures. This further cements electrician’s roles as critical agents driving progress and economic revitalization, alongside crucial community upliftment initiatives. 

What’s Next: The current landscape presents an opportunity for Black workers to break into the field of electrical work. However, it’s crucial to address the systemic barriers that may hinder their progress, such as access to quality training and fair employment practices. As we move forward, initiatives aimed at promoting trade jobs among Black communities could prove instrumental in bridging the wealth gap. 

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