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Black Frontiers Could Spark Environmental Enterprises In The $28.9 Billion Market

By Majella Mark

  • African Americans have more exposure than white people to 13 out of 14 pollutants in the world
  • The sustainability market is expected to reach $28.9B by 2024

There have long been concerns about the environment, specifically pertaining to the impact of Black people’s survival. African Americans have more exposure than white people to 13 out of 14 pollutants in the world causing asthma, lung disease, cancer and heart issues. Numerous businesses are focused on sustainable consciousness when showcasing their social responsibility, as the industry is expected to reach $28.9 billion by 2024. Even though global warming concerns may look a little different for Black people than the mainstream global movement, there is green to be made all around.

Why This Matters: Did you know that environmental racism is a term that expresses the exploitation and oppression of a marginalized community, through the weaponizing of environmental hazards and health burdens? There are opportunities to right the wrongs of environmental racism through innovation and strategic enterprise. In fact, many companies are shifting into sustainable business practices, minimizing the negative environmental impacts while converting energy and maintaining financial growth.

Looking at organizations such as Greenpeace and the Environmental Defense Fund, it would look like Black people are not concerned about climate change. However, founders such as Jasmine Crowe of Goodr Co, Denell Florius of EcoCarib and Lisa Dyson of Kiverdi are looking at the climate change issue as a collective effort in society overall. They are striving towards environmental Justice through the fair treatment and involvement of all people, with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of common environmental laws.

Situational Awareness: WE ACT is an organization that helps people of color confidently and meaningfully participate in the policies and practices put in place for environmental health and protection for their community. This organization is a great ally and support system for any individuals looking to pursue a business venture in the environmental space.

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