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Black Innovation’s Frontline: BrickRose Exchange Is Leveraging Art, The Metaverse, And Web3 For Unforgettable Live Experiences

By CultureBanx Team

  • BrickRose Exchange, founded by Bianca Jackson is bridging digital immersion with the rise of the metaverse and web3 to create unforgettable live experiences
  • The live experiences sector is expected to reach $2.1B by 2028

In the new era of digital immersion, the rise of the metaverse and web3 technologies have sparked a revolution in how we interact with digital and in-person spaces. This is where BrickRose Exchange, founded by Bianca Jackson comes into play as her company is bridging these new technologies to create unforgettable live experiences in a sector that’s expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2028. As these advancements continue to reshape the landscape, businesses and artists alike are discovering innovative ways to leverage these tools for bringing immersive and unforgettable live experiences to the forefront.

Why This Matters: Web3, often referred to as the decentralized internet, is the technology that underpins the metaverse. With web3, users have more control over their online interactions and transactions, fostering an environment of transparency and trust. This is immensely important as the global metaverse market is estimated to surpass around $1.3 trillion by 2030, according to Precedence Research.

Web3 is not just the backbone of the metaverse; it’s also a key player in enhancing live experiences. From virtual concerts and fashion shows to large-scale conferences and events, web3 facilitates immersive and interactive experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. With web3 technologies, organizers like BrickRose Exchange are a leading force taking these experiences to the next level.

CultureBanx: Describe BrickRose Exchange and the important work you are doing?

Bianca Jackson: At BrickRose Exchange, we’re crafting a new narrative in the realm of events and experiences, one where technology isn’t just a tool but a portal to worlds unimagined. As its founder, I wear many hats: I am the architect of our strategic vision, the curator of immersive experiences, and the champion of a community that thrives on innovation. My daily mission is to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical, ensuring that every artist, entrepreneur, and dreamer has access to the technologies that can elevate their work to a global stage.

CultureBanx: What is your company’s unique value proposition that makes it stand out from the competition? 

Bianca Jackson: Our unique value proposition is the harmonious blend of cutting-edge AR, VR, and AI with the irreplaceable essence of human connection. Each event is a tapestry of moments designed to transcend the ordinary, offering a journey into a realm of endless possibilities. We are not content with the status quo; we are the architects of a new paradigm where every event is a transformative experience, every encounter a cherished memory, and every program a beacon of innovation. Our commitment is to empower visionaries and brands to forge deep, lasting connections, setting a new benchmark for creativity and technological integration in the industry. At BrickRose Exchange, we don’t just host events‚Äîwe create legacies.

Jackson’s tech and events business easily aligns with the innovator ecosystem support work the Black Innovation Alliance (BIA) does and is something she credits for her current success.

CultureBanx: How has the Black Innovation Alliance  supported your personal and professional journey?

Bianca Jackson: BIA has been crucial in shaping my journey, providing strategic mentorship, interesting use cases, and confidence in navigating tech adoption. Their guidance has profoundly impacted my personal and professional growth, encouraging me to innovate and lead with integrity.

The potential to revolutionize how we interact with the digital and physical world is the driving motivational force on why Jackson created her company.

CultureBanx: What inspired you to start your business?

Bianca Jackson: BrickRose Exchange was born from a vision to use technology to connect, not divide. Inspired by a global upbringing and a Pulitzer Prize-winning project, I set out to create a space where technology enhances community and celebrates human potential.

CultureBanx: Are there any milestones you have achieved that you would  like to share?

Bianca Jackson: BrickRose Exchange has been a journey marked by milestones that reflect our dedication to empowerment through technology. We’ve equipped over 582 individuals with the skills to navigate and excel in the digital landscape. Recognition as a Champion of the Metaverse and partnerships with industry giants like Meta and American Express are not just accolades but affirmations of our vision to integrate emerging technologies into the fabric of everyday life, making a tangible impact on the community we serve.

CultureBanx: What’s next for your company that we should be on the lookout for?

Bianca Jackson: The horizon for BrickRose Exchange is vibrant with the promise of expansion and innovation. We’re on the cusp of breaking into new markets and unveiling software that will revolutionize how we interact with technology. Our focus is on creating solutions that not only resonate with our community but also propel them into a future where their creative and professional aspirations know no bounds.

Situational Awareness: Businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and harness its potential of technology to create unique user experiences with companies like BrickRose Exchange. Navigating this new digital frontier requires an understanding of the underlying technologies, such as web3 and blockchain. Businesses must stay informed and be prepared to adapt to the changes, by doing so, they can harness the full potential of the metaverse and create unforgettable live experiences for their audiences.

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