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Black Innovation’s Frontline: Tribal Good’s Empowering BluePrint For Creatives Building Sustainable Businesses

By CultureBanx Team

  • Tribal Good equips these creative individuals with business acumen, enabling them to convert their passions and side gigs into sustainable business ventures
  • The creator economy collectively brought in $9.5B in revenues in 2022

Creative individual possesses unique talents and passions that, when nurtured, can transform into a fruitful career or a sustainable business. However, the journey from creative passion to profession is not always straightforward, particularly for creatives, athletes, and artists who are navigating​​ an industry that collectively brought in $9.5 billion in revenues in 2022. This is where Tribal Good, founded by Twanna Harris, delves into the importance of equipping these creative individuals with business acumen, enabling them to convert their passions and side gigs into sustainable business ventures.

Why This Matters: The creative economy presents a promising avenue for impact investment capital. However, venture capital funding for the creator economy startups slowed to just $270 million in the fourth quarter of 2022, down from a peak of $1.7 billion in the second quarter of 2021, per The Information’s “Creator Economy Database.” It has left many creators and those on the frontlines of the sustainable creator ecosystem with few options.

Furthermore these figures highlight why Tribal Good is immensely necessary and just one of the many things we unpacked with the company’s founder during our interview. As Harris’s company continues to shed light on the important work of the creator economy, synergies are abundant with organizations like the Black Innovation Alliance (BIA) that’s supporting founders looking to grow the startup ecosystem through every lens.

CultureBanx: Describe Tribal Good and the important work you are doing?

Twanna Harris: Tribal Good is an entrepreneurial hub designed to help educate multihyphenates on the business of creativity. We equip artists, athletes and activists with the knowledge, resources, space, community and coaching they need to convert their passions and side gigs into sustainable, business ventures.

CultureBanx: What is your company’s unique value proposition that makes it stand out from the competition? 

Twanna Harris: With the vast majority of entrepreneurial hubs in the nation focused on founders who are typically building a product or service, Tribal Good remains one of the very few focused exclusively on building the person as a brand, such as the next Issa Rae.

CultureBanx: How has the Black Innovation Alliance  supported your personal and professional journey?

Twanna Harris: The diverse array of entrepreneurs who are members within BIA have provided immense professional and personal support as I’ve continued to build and test out the viability of what I’m building. The relationships garnered along the way have proven valuable along this journey.

Entrepreneurship is not limited to the world of tech start-ups and big-money investments. Creatives bring a unique blend of skills, vision, and innovation to the business landscape. These are things that Harris knows Tribal Good can bring to the forefront.

CultureBanx: What inspired you to start your business?

Twanna Harris: The challenges of both watching creatives struggle to demonstrate and demand their worth, along with being a mother who has personally experienced or witnessed my sons and/or the teammates experiencing similar challenges.

CultureBanx: Are there any milestones you have achieved that you would  like to share?

Twanna Harris: The largest architectural firm in the nation has taken Tribal Good on as a pro bono client, and we are beginning to garner support from both philanthropic and corporate entities.

CultureBanx: What’s next for your company that we should be on the lookout for?

Twanna Harris: The securing and buildout of our space, along with a short film documenting the journey and the world’s dependence on the supports creatives need most.

Situational Awareness: The narrative surrounding the work of artists and creatives is ripe for disruption. By valuing their work and economic value, framing it as significant, artists, athletes and creatives, Tribal Good can help shape a more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial landscape. 

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