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Building The Pipeline: Why Is The Tech Sector Sleeping On Black Talent?

By Stephone Coward

  • Data trends show that Black tech-talent is only projected to increase 8% 2032
  • Currently, Black employees only hold 8% of tech jobs

Unequal access to technology, known as the digital divide, is a large contributor to the tech gap. As our world becomes more tech enabled, it has also become increasingly tech-talent dependent, with recent data trends showing that Black tech-talent is only projected to increase 8% 2032. However, the lack of technological access creates additional economic barriers, and a loss of economic mobility for the Black community, that is still grappling with closing the racial wealth gap.

Why This Matters: As the new economy further digitizes, companies will need a strong tech workforce to maintain and grow this sector. This form of skilled labor will require a diverse talent pool to ensure the future is inclusive and prevent racial bias. Unfortunately, Black employees hold only 8% of tech jobs and only 3% of C-suite-level positions, yet account for 12% of the total U.S. workforce. 

A number like this could continue to shrink because of pressure on businesses to cut their DEI programs. Even worse, the Black tech wage gap is projected to jump 37% in the next decade, resulting in $51.3 billion in lost wages.

Situational Awareness: There are Black organizations around the country over the last decade who are stepping up to close the tech gap by introducing young girls and boys to STEM. Investment into Black minds is already paying dividends. Access to these educational opportunities have led to an increase of Black women and men creating profitable companies disrupting all sectors.

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