Cash Is Dying: Should Black People Be All In On Cryptocurrencies?

CBx Vibe:Money Talks” Rick James

By Majella Mark

  • The U.S. is printing approximately $1.9T worth of currency in 2021
  • Currently one Bitcoin is valued at $51K

If we learned anything from the Gamestop/Robinhood scandal it’s that the NYSE is becoming more like a game of Monopoly. The paper note is losing its value with the global debt now at $277 trillion. So those Instagram posts of SoundCloud rappers holding a load of cash to their ear is worth very little. Investing your coins in bitcoin seems to be the future, and perhaps you should invest in the currency now because it could replace the traditional dollar sooner, rather than later.

Why This Matters: Despite the U.S. currently sitting with a total debt of $27 trillion, it continues to push the image of financial standing by printing bills. Currently 22% of the USD currency in circulation was printed in 2020 and the country plans to print a total of $1.9 trillion worth of currency this year in 2021. What makes this move so dangerous is that the USD greenback is no longer valued based on the amount of gold the nation has.

Currently 22% of the USD currency in circulation was printed in 2020

Currently one Bitcoin is valued at $51K. There are other digital currencies such as Chainlink and Tether, not to mention that you can buy digital currency through your PayPal account. If you want to buy land using cash, there are acres available in the MidWest. Get 12 acres in Arizona for as little as $20K. If you want to invest in mother earth, buying Gold is the most direct option currently at $57 per gram.

Situational Awareness: With big shots like Elon Musk exchanging their cash into digital currency by the billions, this could be a signal that the rest of us might need to follow suit. Especially when it comes to investing in natural resources and minerals, that’s typically not very  sexy, but it is secure. Natural resources are always essential, from solar power, water, gold and agriculture. To have access and ownership of essentials, could help you live independent of the government, and have a resource that provides sociological advantages.

CBx Vibe:Money Talks” Rick James


Majella Mark

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