Changing the Game: Color Farm Media Brings Blockchain to Diverse Content

CBx Vibe:Another Star” Stevie Wonder

By CultureBanx Team

Color Farm Ben & Erika.png

Erika Alexander and Ben Arnon are pushing the boundaries of content with their media and venture company Color Farm. They’re bringing diversity to the screen as the new Motown of film, TV, media and tech. In addition to what you see on screen they are also tapping into news with The Blackness, which is built on Civil’s blockchain platform. The two media mavens will be publishing long-form multimedia stories that focus on underrepresented communities of color and marginalized groups. “We’re both creators and if you’re of a certain age a lot of media has been carried through the white male perspective, this is a dismantling of that infrastructure,” said Alexander a well known actress for her role on Living Single and movies like Get Out. Using a decentralized platform like Civil for The Blackness will help protect their stories from any outside interference. “We’re building out an ecosystem to bring various opportunities to underrepresented groups of people…technology has to be a part of the media system,” said Arnon. Color Farm is cultivating and nurturing talent of diverse backgrounds, next up they will produce a documentary about John Lewis and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

CBx Vibe:Another Star” Stevie Wonder

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