Changing the Game: Fangage Digitizes Sports Photo Signings

 CBx Vibe:Let it Fly” Lil Wayne Feat. Travis Scott

By CultureBanx Team


As a former college athlete Josh Bryant along with co-founder Emmanuel Sanders of the Denver Broncos, had a clear understanding of the way fans best connected with athletes through digital engagement, so they launched Fangage. It’s a platform that allows fans to upload personal photos to their favorite celebrities and receive a signed digital copy back. “People are taking more pictures at sporting events and are more interested in getting their personal pics signed rather than a stock photo,” said Bryant. The intrinsic value lies with celebrities signing the photos live on Fangage’s social media platforms. “People purchase our product because of the sentimental value it provides not the resale value.” They have 35,000 registered users for their B2C model where consumers are charged per picture upload.

  CBx Vibe:Let it Fly” Lil Wayne Feat. Travis Scott

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