Changing the Game: INK’A Flips the Script on Custom Promotional Products

CBx Vibe:Advancing on My Own” Iamsu!

By CultureBanx Team

In Frank Denbow’s former world of developer advocacy work he realized that “people go crazy for getting free t-shirts at events” and created INK’A. The platform allows businesses to automatically distribute custom promotional products. Denbow notes a lot of companies only use digital marketing these days and it dehumanizes the brand for it to always be online. “We’ve built something that brings both of these worlds together… we deliver an ROI on t-shirts.” INK’A has well over 500 domestic and international clients and brings in seven-figure revenues annually. One of the many unique aspects of INK’A is they make it easy for brands to use integrations with other services like Shopify to create automated sales and marketing campaigns. “I’ve been able to see the interplay between API’s that help to spur growth by connecting data and different systems.” The company also puts together custom branded packages as they push further into their B2B model.

CBx Vibe:Advancing on My Own” Iamsu!


CultureBanx Team

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