Changing the Game: ProjectMQ Increases the Discovery Speed for Indie Video Games

CBx Vibe:A Change is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke

By CultureBanx Team

Twin brothers Marcus and Malcolm initially set out to create their own indie video game, before realizing the real issue with the industry is that people have a hard time finding new games. With that in mind they developed Project MQ, which is a multimedia search engine for indie video games online. It has a scrolling content video feed aggregated into one platform, like Twitter and Instagram. It makes sense for the brothers to carve out their own space in the $116 billion gaming industry. “Indie game developers make approximately 70% of all games but only 2% of the revenue,” said Marcus Howard. The gaming sector is being monopolized by the big players in the space like Nintendo, Sony Electronic Arts and Microsoft, according to Howard. “Our platform is different and built purely on discovery.” The brothers also plan on using the platform to push indie music artists, authors and films.

CBx Vibe:A Change is Gonna Come” Sam Cooke


CultureBanx Team

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