Changing the Game: Pur Instinct’s Play to Become The Next CrossFit

CBx Vibe:Juicy” The Notorious B.I.G.

By CultureBanx Team

CBx Vibe:Juicy” The Notorious B.I.G.

When former Canadian professional basketball player Dominique Soucy wanted to combine his love of all sports and display the unique intensity level they possess, he created Pur Instinct. The goal of his sport is simple: to accelerate and improve the decision making of players. It’s a 3 (offensive) on 2 (defensive) player setup that always keep people in the game. “As soon as you pick up the ball you can pass it however you like to move it forward, the goals is to never get touched and make it to the end zone,” said Soucy. Once you get three outs like in baseball the possession switches. Pur Instinct is a dynamic non-contact sport opening up locations across the U.S. and Canada much like the $4 billion CrossFit brand. “It’s about building community where you can tap into groups in your area who appreciate sports in the same way you do.” Other seasoned professional athletes are helping to grow the sport of more than 500 members including, former NFL players Ray Rice and Marcus Ogden.


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