Culture’s In Play With ‘Out Of Bounds’ Card Game In $21 Billion Market

CBx Vibe:Ultra Black” Nas

By Tiyana Jordan

  • Out of Bounds card game creates a cultural game experience bringing Black market innovation to the traditional gaming sector
  • The global playing cards and board games market size is expected to reach $21.5B dollars by 2025

In honor of Black Business month, we’re spotlighting ‘Out of Bounds’ card game with one half of the creative duo behind the product’s success. This Taboo-like card game is reconnecting the cultural impact of family gathering through play, and promoting representation at the hands of its players. With the global playing cards and board games market size anticipated to reach $21.5 billion by 2025, it’s time to brush up on your 90’s sitcoms, rehearse your favorite hip hop lyrics, and definitely recall the names of our top cultural influences because Out of Bounds is a total mood!

Why This Matters: Out of Bounds was created in and out of the minds of business partners, Mike East and Arielle, both of whom had a vision to take a familiar household game, make it our own, and connect the ones we love through challenging fun. The multi-billion market they’re operating in is well capitalized to support the inclusion of Black playing card creators, along with their missions to diversify an industry that has for years not always been inclusive.

The market’s demand for innovation and an appeal to more groups such as millennials and people of color creates ongoing growth opportunities for Black card game developers. East explained how Out of Bounds represents our culture across the generations. Now, manufacturers are focusing on producing simple games with elegant mechanics and impressive artwork to attract more diverse consumers.

What’s Next: With a very high demand for Black owned games and businesses the increasing resurgence of retro-games is projected to drive the market growth. No doubt you’d better grab your team, and a solid one at that, because you’re going to need the real players of trivia to win the Out of Bounds card game!

CBx Vibe:Ultra Black” Nas

Tiyana Jordan is an author and coworking space business owner from New Orleans, now navigating the Atlanta business scene. She strategically reads from the bottom to the top (to intake the main points first) and really enjoys business development and branding.

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