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Dinero Season: Is Tulum, Mexico Becoming The Money Mecca For Black Expats?

By Majella Mark

  • There are approximately 2 million Afro-Mexicans in Mexico
  • Tulum has had a population percentage growth of 5% annually

Tulum, Mexico, is a paradise usually saturated on our Instagram feed with beautiful, mostly models and influencers showcasing their fun on beaches, in neutral beige-colored boutiques, and with rainbow-colored elixirs. Many don’t see the significant migration of Black expats seeking business opportunities in this Mexican utopia. In a country with nearly two million Afro-Mexicans, mostly in Guerrero, Oaxaca and Veracruz states, business opportunity abounds for Black people in the country.

Why This Matters: With Black-owned yacht clubs, luxury concept stores, and nomads of color occupying the local cafes, Tulum, Mexico, is becoming the Atlanta of the country. Many Black professionals are settling on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea, as a result, the population percentage growth of Tulum has been 5% annually since 2010.

Also, the FaceBook group, Black in Tulum, is dedicated to the Black experience of vacationing and residing in the conservative burning man aesthetic town. There are nearly 25,000 members of that group, filled with people seeking economic prosperity in the area. Entrepreneurs like ​​Ryan Fletcher got in early, seeing the potential of the now West Coast Bali back in 2012, leading him to invest in real estate with his mother over the years. 

Situational Awareness: This is not to say Mexico doesn’t have its share of racism. However, having American or Western privilege provides new Black residents opportunities to make a better environment for all Black people in Mexico. Supporting Afro-Mexican restaurants like Che’z Cocco helps. 

There are numerous Black-owned businesses in Tulum, including the buzzed-about catering company Highly Catered, founded by chef Glodie Bakajika, who is taking cannabis cuisine to new heights, and The Black Hause, a significant tourism player creating luxury holiday excursions in Tulum, Cancun, and Cabo.

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