Fed Up: 49% Of Black Workers Are Considering Quitting

By Jeanette Brown

  • 49% of Black workers aren’t satisfied with their work environments
  • The Black unemployment rate in January 2023 was 5.4%

With a recession projected in the third quarter of 2023, and the economic trend of employees voluntarily resigning from their jobs en masse, Black workers face compounded pressure. Right now, nearly half of Black workers are considering quitting their jobs. A recent survey revealed more than 43% of Black workers reported micro-aggressions from coworkers or leadership, and 49% aren’t satisfied with their work environments. 

Why This Matters: The U.S. labor market has been a source of confusion, and perhaps even frustration, as of late. Watching labor data on Black workers in the U.S. can offer helpful clues about the strength, or weakness of the economy, and even signal changes before they show up in the headlines. Specifically, the Black unemployment rate in January 2023 was 5.4%, higher than any other ethnic demographic.

For those who were gainfully employed, wage stagnation amid cost of living increases, limited advances, and hostile work environments drove millions to resign recently. Black professionals have experienced double standards in their workplaces for decades. There’s often quantifiable proof that a Black person has to work twice as hard to get half as far. Economic trends coupled with heightened trauma of racial injustice have impacted minority workers’ physical and mental health. 

Situational Awareness: DEI has evolved to DEIB to include belonging, the outcome of feeling respected and treated fairly, enabling individuals to make meaningful contributions to shared goals. Arguably the most desired fair and equitable practice is regularly communicating pay transparency. reasons for quitting are not unanimous for all Black workers, but at least 50% of them can relate to and finish the famous line, “All My Life I Had To….(Kendrick Lamar voice)”. 

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