How College Ghostwriters Are Exposing The Education Wealth Gap

By Amaka Korie

  • Kenyans earn up to $2K a month ghostwriting essays
  • Black graduates take on 85% more college debt than white students

Gone are the days of laboring over a college paper, as college students can now pay foreign writers to complete their assignments. Despite “contract cheating” being illegal in 17 states, millions of essays are ordered by lazy college students on sites like Ace-MyHomework and EssayShark every year. The essay mill industry is particularly lucrative in Kenya, where writers can earn up to $2,000 a month, which is higher than the country’s annual income.

Why This Matters: Students are paying anywhere between $15- $42 per page for these ghost papers written by academics in developing countries. Many of these writers are students themselves with limited opportunities compared to those they ghostwrite for. In light of the varsity blues scandals, contract cheating exposes another consequence the racial wealth gap has on success of minorities globally.

Though universities promise to offer equal opportunities, the reality lies within the economic means of their students. The NAACP reports that Black graduates take on 85% more college debt than their white counterparts. Privileged students are getting away with academic dishonesty at accredited institutions while minority students can barely afford to attend. These cheating scandals are corrupting higher education as merit becomes less necessary for success.

Situational Awareness: Contract cheating is just another way low income students have a disadvantage in the academic playing field. Black and other minority students struggle not only to get into, but stay in the spaces that their peers pay their way through. As more college scandals come to light, it prompts the question.. is money replacing hard work?

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