Is Clubhouse The Social Media Platform That Finally Pays Black People For Their Creativity?

CBx Vibe:In da Club” by 50 Cent

By Majella Mark

  • The new app sensation Clubhouse is valued at $100M
  • Social media influencers can make anywhere from $30K to $100K a year

Clubhouse is the hot new invite-only audio social media platform giving much of the world FOMO. The app launched during this dreadful pandemic, but quickly reached a $100 million valuation, after only raising $12 million in funding. Like many new social media entities, there are alway those who dominate with creative ways to stand out, keeping the followers coming. Can Clubhouse be the app to finally give credit and compensation where it’s due?

Why This Matters: Clubhouse is really just Zoom calls without the video, but as usual Black folks find a way to make it popping, providing innovation and swag to a platform that may not work without their flavor otherwise. So, when are Black people going to get paid for their contribution to making this app work? The platform just launched, but this is an opportunity for the community to learn from their mistakes on Tik Tok and Instagram and demand their check early.

It’s time for Black creatives/influencers who are already in the exclusive club to level up

Black creatives break a sweat to entertain their followers. Having influence on these social media platforms is a lucrative business that they can build comfortable lives from. The average influencer can make anywhere from $30,0000 to $100,000, while celebrities like Kylie Jenner can make more than $1 million per post. On occasion a viral dance or skit will get credited to a commercially friendly creator, even though the originator may be an unknown person of color. It’s time for Black creatives/influencers who are already in the exclusive club to level up.

More creatives of color are speaking out about the discriminations on social media platforms. Tik Tok was the latest to get slammed for favoritism, censorship and blatant suppression, when Black influencers tried to support “Black Lives Matter” and create content that reflects their community.

Situational Awareness: The Clubhouse app has less than 100,000 users and still follows the invite-only structure, however there are people making waves on the platform. A significant amount of the users are people of color laying the foundation of the app’s vibe. The only hope is that once the platform is open to the rest of the world, the creative pioneers not only get recognition for making it cool, but get compensated for it as well.

CBx Vibe:In da Club” by 50 Cent

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