Rolls-Royce Expands Its Hip Hop Influence With New App

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By Dayana Preval

  • Rolls-Royce launched a new app called “Whispers” is for current owners
  • Rap songs mentioned Rolls-Royce around 200 times

Rappers have always had a major influence on the culture especially with luxury cars, and that’s inspired Rolls-Royce to expand its high end offerings. The company launched a new app called “Whispers” to people who already own Rolls-Royce vehicles in the UK, U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. While your favorite hip hop lyricists are mentioning these expensive cars in their songs, videos and social media, the luxury car companies are making major bank getting you to buy into the hype, while expanding their empires.

Why This Matters: If you’re still thinking how does this new move by Rolls-Royce directly relate to hip hop’s influence on the brand? It’s because the Whispers app will only be available to owners of new Rolls-Royces. Previously CultureBanx noted that “rappers have handsomely rewarded its competitor Bentley for delivering a long sought after SUV by producing ample free marketing, including more than 450 mentions in rap lyrics.” There’s nothing more luxurious though than exclusivity and Rolls-Royce wants to leverage hip hop to sell it to you.

There’s nothing more luxurious though than exclusivity and Rolls-Royce wants to leverage hip hop to sell it to you

The app is customizable and includes experiences like a custom race track, for your luxury car of course. You can even take things up a notch by going on an expedition to Antarctica, perhaps in your Rolls Royce SUV. Specifically, the increase in SUV sales only confirms the influence hip hop culture has on society, because when we move the world moves. Rappers have been calling for a Rolls-Royce truck for years with artists like Juicy J mentioning the SUV as early as 2010

“Today, crossovers and sport-utility vehicles make up more than 47% of the new-vehicle market.” The crossover in luxury trucks with affordable options, along with free marketing is a win-win for sales, with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan selling for $325,000. Car and Driver found that Rolls-Royce was mentioned around 200 times in rap songs. If you still want to feel luxurious but don’t need the exclusivity of an app, SUV makers like Bentley are offering a more affordable car option, the Bentley Bentayga which sells for $158,000.

Situational Awareness: The luxury car market is winning right now, but who really gets the credit? For a brand to go out and create experiential exclusivity app that excludes the community which has continued to make them relevant, seems highly questionable.

CBx Vibe:Healthy” Money Man

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