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Changing the Game: Integrate Tech Customizes Student Learning Experiences

By CultureBanx Team

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When Kevin Celisca was in the fourth grade he started to fall behind, until his teacher offered to tutor him for free. He never wanted another student or teacher to not have the right education tools to succeed so he along with his business partner created Integrate Tech. The EdTech product is designed to help kids with their individual learning style, while minimizing distractions and providing data analytics for educators and administrators. “This changes the way we look at education in the future, impacting all socioeconomic backgrounds, and education levels,” Celisca said. The software is dynamic and forms to K-12 schools needs and structures. Integrate’s main data points are attendance, participation, behavior and grades. “It puts all the information about a students education in one place so that teachers can focus on teaching and not management.” Ultimately, the company is trying to create a more intelligent society with everyone having a fair shot at receiving the best education.

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