Changing the Game: Divercity Is The LinkedIn For Minorities

CBx Vibe:We Are the World” Michael Jackson

By CultureBanx Team


When founder Chuka Ikokwu realized just how broken the diversity and inclusion gap was, since it hasn’t solved the professional advancement of minorities, he created Divercity. It’s a job hiring and minority social networking platform that resembles LinkedIn, but for underrepresented groups. In order to streamline the job search process, “we’re centralizing the minority talent pipeline across various sectors like engineers and tech to ease the pain point for companies,” said Ikokwu. He also notes the platform has a lot of depth, “it’s not just about jobs or people matching, we are about community.” Specifically, they have a “Divercity Score”, which allows users to rate a company based on their perception, like a GlassDoor rating, as a way to gauge job seekers intention and companies investment in the Diversity & Inclusion space. Currently Divercity have over 3,000 jobs and 6,000 users on the platform, with job listings from companies like Warner Bros, Unity Technologies, Mozilla and Starz.

CBx Vibe:We Are the World” Michael Jackson

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