Millions Of Dollars Are Coming To HBCU Go

We are beginning to see brands make more extensive investments in HBCU sports. Likely initiated by their ability to enter NIL (name, image, and likeness) deals with individual assets, the general sports partnership and sponsorship landscape has already manifested in new programs such as the Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic HBCU Basketball Tournament. Now, we are about to experience a significant development on the media side, thanks to incoming advertising deals and HBCU Go and the fact that collectively, HBCUs generate $14.8 billion in economic impact a year.

Are Black Showrunners Still Paddling Up The $80 Billion Digital Stream?

Discourse regarding the state of streaming platforms has been abundant as the race for content and content creators remains heated. Corporate brands have strived to build or bolster their platforms to attract as many viewers as possible with the streaming video on demand (SVoD) user penetration at 15.2% in 2022 and is expected to hit 20.6% by 2027. Culturally diverse creators who are in high demand right now like Tyler Perry who could be looking for a bigger stake in the SVoD by potentially walking away from his BET+ $150 million per year contract that runs through 2024.

How Podcasts Are Kickin’ New Flava In Ya Ear Up 2000%

By Gary J. Nix
– Total estimated podcast ad revenue estimated to reach $2B in 2023
– The number of paid podcast events has increased by more than 2,000% in the past 7 years Podcasting continues to be a critical tool to deliver content in today’s world and has seen a huge uptick in paid content of 2,000%. Spotify’s acquisitions of Gimlet and Anchor are a testament to this reality. In addition, the low barrier to entry creates a system where the right podcasts can deliver diverse audiences to brands via the cultural connections within. Yet and still, the revenue models that come from the business of podcasting while Black remain widely varied even though the sector is estimated to reach $1 billion in 2021 and $2 billion by 2023.

Value-Based Cultural Currency Leads To Better Business With Black Consumers $1.6 Trillion Spending Power

By Gary J. Nix
– Nearly 22% of Black consumers say a brand’s values are important in purchasing decisions
– Black spending power reached a record $1.6T in 2021 The concept of consumerism is often invoked in its negative connotation. However, when we discuss consumerism here today, we will refer to the act of protecting or promoting the interests of consumers. Why? Because businesses need to understand that Black consumers are more likely than others to base purchase decisions on a brand’s values, the values of its corporate parent, or the brand’s commitment to diversity and social justice.

Lil Nas X Stakes Further Claim As One Of Music’s True Game Changers With Roblox And Sony Deal

By Gary J. Nix Roblox and Sony Music Entertainment form partnership to bring artists into the metaverse Will this partnership affect Roblox’s $45 billion dollar valuation? It is said that necessity is the mother of innovation, and creativity its father. 2020 illustrated this in many ways, namely a new type of collaboration between various recording

When Will We See C-Suite Results From Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Efforts?

By Gary J.Nix Only 3.2% of executive or senior-level managers at Fortune 500 companies are Black There are only 3 Black Fortune 500 CEOs We are nearly a year out from the time when companies started publishing grandiose statements about their feelings and upcoming actions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). While the communicated feelings