Affirmative Action

Beyond The Yard: Challenging The Future Of Work Without Affirmative Action

By CultureBanx Team

  • Affirmative action’s demise significantly impacts the composition of the future U.S. workforce
  • Corporations with diverse boards and executive teams were up to 25% more likely to outperform their less-diverse competitors

Affirmative action’s demise and the reconsideration of legacy admissions could significantly impact the demographics of university enrollees and, consequently, the composition of the future U.S. workforce. However, experts argue that the effects of these policy changes on student body diversity and the subsequent potential downstream effects on the workforce will vary.

Why This Matters: The necessity of an educated workforce is widely recognized. As America becomes more diverse, it’s crucial to develop a diverse workforce that reflects the country’s changing demographics. 

This is not just about college admissions or individual students’ aspirations but also about the future of the American workforce. A McKinsey study found corporations with diverse boards and executive teams were up to 25% more likely to outperform their less-diverse competitors.

If we fail to maintain a diverse student body reflective of our country, we risk creating a homogenous professional workforce. This lack of diversity could significantly impact our courts, schools, hospitals, and other major American institutions. Companies with diverse leadership also tend to be more profitable, demonstrating the economic benefits of diversity.

The Supreme Court’s ruling against race-conscious policies in college admissions also has implications for corporate America. The court’s stance may influence the legal boundaries of workplace diversity initiatives and potentially spark challenges against them.

Corporate diversity policies have been in place for decades, aimed at creating a more diverse workforce. Supporters argue that these initiatives not only promote equity but also attract better talent and can boost business performance when supported by the customer base. The Supreme Court’s decision serves as a wake-up call for corporations to review their diversity policies.

Situational Awareness: As we face an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, the need for a diverse workforce becomes even more critical. Diversity in education and the workforce is not just about fairness or equity; it’s about ensuring that we have a breadth of perspectives and experiences to tackle the challenges of the future.

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