Changing the Game: Hello Tractor Fixes Agriculture’s Information Problem

CBx Vibe:Trouble Man” Marvin Gaye

From Nigeria to Zimbabwe to Kenya, Hello Tractor is bringing a cool factor to agriculture across Africa. Founder and CEO Jehiel Oliver worked as a microfinance consultant for several years and noticed they were not loaning to agriculture businesses. Hello Tractor emerged from this observation. The company sells a fleet management solution to tractor owners. This technology enables owners to manage their tractor and lease it to other farmers who need one. The company collects a lot of information for the agricultural supply chain. “I want Hello Tractor to be a repository of information for broken industries. The most important de-risking factor in markets is information and Hello Tractor will be successful if we solve for that,” said Oliver. Hello Tractor’s expansion continues as the startup is now preparing to launch an operation in Bangladesh.

CBx Vibe:Trouble Man” Marvin Gaye


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