Changing the Game: Jetpack is the Uber for College Kids Essential Items

CBx Vibe:Nonstop” Drake

By CultureBanx Team


On campuses nationwide students are in need of on-demand products like lint rollers, Tide pods or even a phone charger, which is where Jetpack comes into play. It’s the brainchild of Fatima Dicko, who is a self proclaimed “forgetful” person and “realized that everyone may forget something and need items last minute, she said.” Currently Jetpack operates on various campuses across the country including Stanford, USC, UCLA and Ohio State. They are all about bringing people the things they need in less than 10 minutes. Even though the company started by giving people backpacks with the most important things, now they’ve opened up to items students have in their own bags. “Sharing works with houses, cars and it can we believe also work for shampoo and batteries,” Dicko said. Jetpack has optimized its platform for the college experience by minimizing effort and increasing the fun level for everyone involved. They plan to branch out to airports, apartment buildings and music festivals next.

CBx Vibe:Nonstop” Drake

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