Changing the Game: Rebecca Allen Shoes Answers the Brand Identity Call

CBx Vibe:Love on Top” Beyonce

By CultureBanx Team

Rebecca Allen Shoes.png

Founder Rebecca Allen desperately needed a shoe in her closet that could go with everything and was never able to find a pair in traditional stores. So she decided to launch her own footwear company creating nude shoes for all skin tones. “As a consumer I felt emotionally charged that brands were overlooking me as a customer,” Allen said. Coming from an investment banking background Allen decided to start with a pump that could easily be used for going to work and then hanging out afterwards. Her shade inclusive brand of shoes comes in a variety of styles at an affordable price point in the mid $200s. The footwear company’s direct-to-consumer model allows shoppers to easily connect with the brand in a way that transcends race and ethnicity.  This is one of the main focuses of the company as they work to “answer the call from a brand identity standpoint and making women feel like the leading ladies they should feel like.” All women can now find themselves in fashion with Allen’s nude shoes.

CBx Vibe:Love on Top” Beyonce

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